What They’re Saying


Our relationships with our clients and vendors are one of our best assets.

Here’s an index of what our collaborators say about our work.

Communication Definitely Exceeded our Expectations

We are still in the building process with Heller Built and could not be more pleased with their entire process. My husband and I live out of state and their communication has definitely exceeded my expectations. They are always quick to respond to my emails, no matter how many I send, and keep me up to date on any and all progress. I was nervous to build our forever home from across the country but Heller Built has made it incredibly easy and really quite enjoyable.

Absolutely Loved It

Absolutely loved working with the Hellers. Project management was complete from start to finish and they worked with us really well when unexpected items came up. Would wholeheartedly give them a reference if you want to build or have major renovation needs.

— John & Karen

Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Company

Their customer service is unmatched and their honesty throughout this entire process has put my typically over-thinking brain at ease. The pride that they take in their work shows and I truly could not have picked a better company to partner with as we build a home that will stay in our family for generations.

From Averys Studio

As a professional in this industry I can easily say that the Heller family is one of the very best in town. I have been doing design work with them for well over 15 years and each and every job has resulted in a fantastic living space for very happy customers. They pay close attention to detail and never cut corners on quality. I recommend them to my own clients with complete confidence.

Finest Home Construction in Lexington

For us, Heller-Built is the finest home construction company in Lexington and the central Kentucky area. Through Austin Heller, the administrative staff, and their employees and vendors, we were able to remodel our 50 year old home and turn it into a beautifully modern residence that is remarkably well built, with attention to details that continue to make us grateful for their excellent work.

What is unique to this family business is how prepared they are to take the inherent stress of home construction off of the homeowner with their competence. They were transparent with scheduling and budgeting. There were no hidden surprises along the way. Their employees’ craftsmanship and pride in their work is evident throughout our home. They hire only the best subcontractors. The result is a home with qualities and details that are above and beyond the standards by which most homes are built today. 

We are so thankful that we used Heller Built to remodel our home. The family – Steve, Austin, Max, Hollis, and their team were wonderful to work with and we will highly recommend them to prospective clients!

Going Above and Beyond

We can’t thank the Hellers enough for going above and beyond.

The house is beyond what we had imagined would be possible.   The quality of the work is excellent.  We noticed many little things they did that we never discussed that they just took care of, which we appreciate.   We know they did so many things to make this possible for us that we will never see.  We always talk about no one ever seeing “how the sausage gets made” at work. 

And Heller Built did it all in a compressed timeline when we said we’re getting in earlier than might be expected.  And then they all helped us handle the logistics with our cars and our home goods while being thoughtful with a gift basket, flowers, our new soda, books, a thoughtful guide to getting us situated, our little bathroom amenities, and more.   It has made such an exhausting process all the more rewarding. 

We appreciate them for pushing hard to get us into our home.  

Darrius & Shannon

Reliable, Detail-Oriented, Impeccable

We’ve worked with the Hellers on two major projects. The first was a remodel of a mid-century modern home and the second was a custom new build. Throughout both projects I have gotten to know the team extensively, working with them on and off for the past three and half years. The entire team, including project managers, office staff, and every single sub-contractor (painters, plumbers, electrician, trim-carpenters, drywall, tile, etc.) have been fantastic to work with. They are reliable, detail-oriented and run impeccable construction sites. I highly recommend them for any project. People are often shocked when I tell them how great the experience of building a custom home was, and I always tell them it is because of the Heller Built team, and all of the subs who worked so incredibly hard on the project. By the end, I wanted to do it all over again!

— Ben & MJ

Something Special

The Hellers were our first call when we found our house in the perfect neighborhood. The house, built in the 1920’s, had good bones but needed a major update. They helped us see that the project was possible.

They worked closely with our architect and interior designer to bring the house up to the high standards we envisioned. During the lengthy project they kept us informed, listened to our concerns, and helped us make the right choices.

The employees were courteous, dedicated, and their work was superior. The attention to detail and quality of work took a great house and made it extraordinary. They are true craftsmen! The recommended vendors were knowledgeable and dependable. They wanted to make this project something special.

We would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to work with a team that takes their project as personally as they do.

— Gary & Milly

As Smooth as Possible

We found the Heller family to be competent, trustworthy and very reliable. We worked together daily on scheduling and expectations to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible.

We highly recommend Heller Built and they would certainly be our first choice should we choose to do another home renovation project.

— Cooper & Mary

A Message from Pieratt’s

The Hellers are the kind of business partners that are a pleasure to count on as friends. Their commitment to quality and craftsmanship is second to none, and they have an extensive list of very happy and loyal customers over their 40 years building and remodeling homes in Central Kentucky. Do yourself a favor and allow the team to bring your dream home to a reality!

The Best

Heller Built is a company that is awesome to work with, they are always great with communicating what needs to be done. They are very punctual and committed to their customers. They are amazing at planning out jobs and setting dates so that the contractors are able to plan ahead to make sure all dates are met. This company is hands down one of the best!

— Weston Turner, Stang Plumbing

Respect and Honesty

Austin and his team were honest, professional, efficient and courteous throughout our construction project. They made what could have been a very difficult and lengthy process smooth and easy. The respect Austin showed my family and home were exemplary and I will not hesitate to call upon his firm for our future building/renovation needs.

— Hayden

Our Home Just Feels Right

Every aspect of my experience with the Heller family has exceeded my already high standards. I expected to be treated with respect and professionalism, receive the highest level of quality, and that the “finished product” would be something I actually liked.

Truly, the end result transcended all of these hopes. The Hellers are always there to find the exact product we need. He really listens to make sure that we have the house we want and helps guide us to what suits our needs. All of my lifestyle criteria were taken into consideration while making choices and suggestions. Hollis handles scheduling and billing of add-ons with both detail and warmth. Austin Heller is a true perfectionist who sincerely loves his job and has a relentless eye for detail. He holds only the highest expectations for subcontractors and never settles for “pretty good.”

The only time we had an unexpected issue arise after we moved in, Max Heller was at our home within 15 minutes (it was evening!) to assess the situation and begin the process of addressing it. He shows such kindness and concern for his clients. Before the ink on our closing documents was even totally dry, we decided to go ahead and complete part of unfinished space in the basement.

Something to consider — most of the sub-contractors I met verbally relayed to me that this team holds the bar far higher than other builders locally. I believe it. The end result is that I have one of the finest homes in Lexington. It’s timeless and classic, yet “smart” and current with all the latest technology. My home just feels right, as if it were made JUST for ME… because it was. I couldn’t be happier.

— Judy

Devil is in the Details

The Hellers have done a number of projects on our house from very small (painting) to significant renovations (filling in a backyard pool and completely renovating the back porch/backyard). They are personable, attentive, professional, and fiscally responsible. Most importantly, their work is high quality. The contractors provide their cell numbers, and are extremely responsive.

In home renovations, the ‘devil is in the details’. As an example, after renovating our backyard, one of their staff would come every day for several weeks to ensure the sod and trees were irrigated properly. On one project, when an unexpected drainage issue was discovered mid-project, they presented us with options, noting the relative costs. This attention to detail really shows in the quality of their work.

— Doctor J

Only Builders We’d Use

This is the second project the Hellers have done for us. They do excellent work, they are timely, and they give honest estimates, not underbidding to win contracts like many contractors do. They are excellent communicators. When we would pick something that would be over budget, they always let us know before proceeding. They are extremely professional. They are the only builders we would use on our house.

— Sarah

Hands On, Attention to Detail

The Hellers did an excellent job with our “add on” porch. They were always professional, courteous and timely. They were considerate of noise and construction mess, always ensuring normal activities were not disturbed. They have a hands-on approach and pay close attention to detail. They are #1 in our book and would always go to them again for any construction need. We love our new porch room.

— Dick & Sandy

Couldn’t Be More Pleased

We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Heller Built has done on our home! They are very easy to work with and always have the customer and the home in their best interest! I felt very comfortable having all of their subcontractors in our home while we were renovating the kitchen and still living in our home.

— Kayla

Living Space Works Perfectly for Our Family

Our home remodel ended up being more of a perfect fit for our family than we realized while doing the project. We still get compliments on the transformation of the exterior from people we run into around town.

Our favorite part of the remodel is how the living space works for our family. The children are upstairs and the master bedroom is on the first floor. Our family room, mudroom and covered patio are the most utilized areas of the house.

The Heller family was easy to work with. They allowed me to be involved in every decision which was essential for the end result to be exactly what we wanted.

The speed at which the project was completed was amazing, without compromising the quality of the work done. When small issues arise after the completion of the job, they still show up to help or make recommendations on how to make repairs/adjustments.

I would rate our experience a 5 out of 5.

I enjoyed coming to check on the house daily, if not several times a day, and seeing the progress made since my last visit.

We got the attention we wanted and the job was done in the time frame promised to us. I don’t have any suggestions based on our experience.

Excellent. We loved our experience, we love our home, and hope to live here forever.

— Lindsey

Working with Design Link

We love working with Heller Built! They are professional, knowledgeable, patient and sincerely care about their customers. They produce a quality product whether it’s a new home, a renovation or a custom playhouse.

Design Link has worked with the Hellers for years, and have never been anything but impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, timely communication and quality of work. What we think stands out the most with this team is their genuine desire to provide a quality end product.

They work tirelessly to make sure that the finished project equals or exceeds everything the client hoped for. They insist on quality in all aspects of a job, from the product being provided to the workmanship being executed. We find their projects are uninterrupted once launched, because they provide their clients with the tools needed to design the space and make the necessary selections, prior to getting started.

From the perspective of a designer, this is a refreshing approach. Having the design side of the project more or less completed in advance of the construction starting, prevents the client from feeling overwhelmed or rushed, and gives them the time needed to make decisions they are pleased with long term.

Beyond their quality of work, our designers find them to be consistently kind, respectful and positive, even in the midst of challenges that arise on occasion. Having both a strong team out in the field as well as back at the office, without question, sets them apart. Their project managers, and their “behind the scene” staff work as a team, with the common goal of satisfying their client. We genuinely love working with this group…they are just good people!

Highly Recommend

As an architect in Lexington, I have worked with the Hellers for several years. You won’t find a better team to put together your dream home. They utilize the best, latest building techniques and their quality is unmatched. Their homes are built to last, and you won’t find a more communicative or transparent team. Highly recommend.

— Vincent Thompson, Gibson Taylor Thompson Architecture & Design

From DoveTail Designs

I’m always amazed, when I walk into a Heller Built home, how you can feel the quality all around you. It feels rock-solid under your feet, even if you’re walking on a wood floor over a basement, there’s no squeaking, bouncing or softness in the subfloor. The temperature and air quality are always comfortable, whether it’s hot and humid or cold and damp outside.

As an interior designer, I respect the attention to detail they give to the interior finishes. Tile is always flawlessly installed, all carpentry work is exquisite, and even the small details are beautifully crafted. They take such great care both before and during construction to ensure that every element of the home is built to the highest quality standards. They take the extra effort, do their research, and are not afraid to try new technology.

Austin & Max are passionate about continuing construction education which has made them a leader in the industry. The entire team is professional, friendly and easy to work with and I encourage anyone with a project to allow Heller Built to take their dream and make it a reality.

— Toni Webb, DoveTail Design Studio

A Word from Gibson, Taylor Thompson Architecture & Design

As a partner and architect working in the construction industry it is our distinct pleasure to have completed and continue to work with the Heller family on the highest quality projects in Lexington and surrounding areas.

They have developed a streamlined process, bringing all consultants and design partners to the table for an integrated design process that allows for the highest quality & efficient product. Working with them has allowed us to showcase some of our best work!

They strive for perfection with every step of the design and construction process which aligns with our goals as architects and designers. We are excited about the projects we have completed, the ones currently in progress, and the future ones to come.

Working with Heller Built is an absolute pleasure. I am always impressed with the quality of construction and execution that is displayed by this company. I highly recommend working with this general contractor.

— Baron Gibson, Gibson Taylor Thompson Architecture & Design

Wouldn’t Change a Thing

We worked with Heller Built on our remodel and I wouldn’t have changed one thing. From start to finish they kept their word on price and the length of the project. Their great communication and quality of work is hard to come by. We would use them again in a second for any project, highly recommended!

— Chelsea

Fabulous Standards

The Hellers are a great team that do fabulous projects! Their high standards, professionalism, organization & attention to details set them apart. They provide finished projects that exceed all expectations – the very best!

— Barb, ProSource

Top of the Game

As a sub contractor I can say Heller Built is on top of the game. Anyone looking for the highest quality and great people, this is a company that has both.

— Tommy

Treats Us Like Family

Heller Built is a family run business that treats not only their customers & employees like family… but as a supplier, we feel that as well. They are friendly, courteous & a pleasure to work with!

— Angie, Ferguson Enterprises

Top of Their Field

Heller Built is a great company to work with. They are always striving to be at the top of their field, and it definitely shows in the quality of work that they provide for their clients.

— Caitlin, ProSource