Modern Cape

This modern Cape Cod home is a beloved project. We worked with Dovetail Design and Gibson Taylor Thompson Architecture to build a timeless, functional, and healthy home — a house that serves our clients’ everyday needs with lasting style.

This home consists of two structures: the main house and the pool house. The main house welcomes visitors with a mixture of Indiana limestone, Kentucky fieldstone, historic depth shake siding, and copper accents. Cape Cod inspiration shines through, from three towering gables across the front facade to the walkable raised garden and outdoor dining area. The pool house is carefully designed to create a secluded space that encompasses the pool, the spa, and the entire backyard.

Inside, visitors are met with elegant, modern charm in a space that unites the personalities and styles of its residents. A blend of simple, clean lines and traditional profiles soften the house and evoke calm from the moment you step inside. Every room is unique, offering something new on each closer look. And no matter where you go in the home, vast windows pour light in from all angles to create stunning views of the land outside.

I could not be happier.

I mean, name another custom builder, especially in Lexington, that has tradesmen come out to the house, without me asking, to check on everything months after we’ve moved in. It’s such a blessing to have good people build your dream home.

Exterior of modern white brick house at sunset surrounded by green grass and trees