The Chevy Chase

Like it Was Meant to Be

It’s so important to plan from the beginning with a team that has the correct intent and understands what the client wants. A team that has done the legwork to say “Okay, this is how we can connect this house to this pool and poolhouse and really make it work.” Like it was intended to be that way 6 years ago when we built the original house.

See this home featured in Sophisticated Living’s Sept/Oct 2021 issue.

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Our Home Feels Just Right

“Every aspect of my experience with the Heller family has exceeded my already high standards. I expected to be treated with respect and professionalism, receive the highest level of quality, and that the “finished product” would be something I actually liked.

“Truly, the end result transcended all of these hopes. The Hellers are always there to find the exact product we need. He really listens to make sure that we have the house we want and helps guide us to what suits our needs. All of my lifestyle criteria were taken into consideration while making choices and suggestions. Hollis handles scheduling and billing of add-ons with both detail and warmth. Austin Heller is a true perfectionist who sincerely loves his job and has a relentless eye for detail. He holds only the highest expectations for subcontractors and never settles for ‘pretty good.'”