We often speak of our family-owned business’ sense of place. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the iconic surrounding landscape of horse country and its luxury equestrian properties has been a constant source of inspiration for the custom homes, modern farmsteads, and equine estates we have built over the years. We’re proud to call these rolling hills home alongside the world-class equestrians and horses that have shaped our community and landscape for centuries. 

By most accounts, Kentucky’s horseracing industry history took root in 1792 when Revolutionary War veteran William Whitley built a circular track on his Lincoln County equestrian estate to satisfy his affinity for horse racing. According to legend, Whitley declared his horses would run counterclockwise on dirt, as a protest against the English racing tradition of running clockwise on grass. Whitely’s private track drew socialites from around the south and kicked off a period of major growth for Kentucky horse racing. 

With the perfect combination of a moderate climate and limestone-rich pastures, Kentucky soon became the home of some of the most famous horse farms, tracks, and Thoroughbreds in the world. With the foundation of Churchill Downs and the first ever Kentucky Derby in 1875, followed by the foundation of Keeneland in 1936, Kentucky soon cemented its status as the horse capital of the world. 

In the 20th century, equine eventing became an Olympic sport and rose to international prominence. Once again, Kentucky quickly became a major epicenter of the sport thanks to its longstanding equine traditions and community. In 1978, the Land Rover (formerly Rolex) Three Day Event was established at the Kentucky Horse Park, now drawing in upwards of 89,000 spectators and participants each year from around the world.

Today, the Kentucky equine industry is estimated to generate $6.5 billion annually, with the state boasting one horse for every 18 residents. As Kentucky’s equine industry continues to grow, so does the desire for equestrian estates that allow residents to fully immerse themselves in all that horse country has to offer. 

The timeless draw of beautiful horses and rolling pastures has contributed to many a dream of calling horse country home. It’s a dream we’re honored to help realize for our clients, be they equine enthusiasts looking to build a home equipped with a full equestrian center and luxury stables, or those just looking to enjoy central Kentucky views from their modern estate. Our custom design and build process, as well as historic renovation services, have serviced equine enthusiasts and families across Kentucky for generations. Our roots in the bluegrass run deep, and we look forward to helping you plant yours for generations to come.